Cisco Webex Teams

(Formerly Cisco Spark)

A secure, simple virtual space where you can get things done from anywhere in the world.

Create. Share. Do

Cisco Webex Teams (formerly Cisco Spark) is a cloud-based conferencing, white-boarding and instant-messaging collaboration tool.


Webex Teams is the perfect application for maximising teamwork efficiency and effectiveness. It streamlines workflow by seamlessly combining messaging, video calling and conferencing tools with virtual rooms where team members can work and collaborate on the same document. This means all your collaboration needs are packed into one single application, no more switching between softwares and having to deal with incompatibilities. 


Cisco Webex Teams is a must have for any workplace looking to streamline and advance the way their team members work together.





Designed to be easy to use and manage


Secure and reliable

The best collaboration tools all in one complete service



Simple to Use

Start a meeting with a touch of a button. Join in on meetings from anywhere. Easily pair with Cisco video devices and screen share, even swap devices so you can take your meeting on the go. ​

Organised Messaging

Respond to messages instantly with team and direct messaging, and flag messages you intend on following up. Never miss a message with persistent messaging, meaning every message or media content is saved in the cloud.

Share Files with Anyone, Anytime

Sending and receiving files is intuitive and easy to do. Files that you receive are neatly kept and organised and searchable so you don't lose anything.​ Shared files are securely saved in virtual space and are easily accessible by anyone in that space. 

Draw your ideas

Expand the ways you work by drawing out your ideas. Brainstorm with team members by drawing on the same document. Endlessly edit that same document by adding new elements and changing or deleting old ones. 

Always Secure 

Your conversations, data and files are protected and secured with end-to-end encryption. Secure search means that what you search is encrypted and kept away from everyone except only you. Keep teamwork spaces private as only moderators can add people.

Your Webex, Your Way

Cisco Webex Teams provides integrations that connect with the apps you use the most (e.g. Twitter, Google Drive) so your work flows smoothly. Cisco Webex even has a developer community for people who are looking to create their own integrations. 


Cisco Spark is becoming Cisco Webex Teams

Webex Devices 

Seamlessly integration with Webex Teams and Webex Meetings for the ultimate collaboration experience. 



State of the art technology

Webex devices feature a touchscreen, 4K resolution video and camera and deliver crystal clear audio.

Seamless Integration

Webex devices works seamlessly with Webex Teams and Webex Meetings. No more incompatibility issues  

Remote Access

Message, video call, collaborate and white-board on the same document in real-time wherever you are.

Presence Sensing

Webex devices automatically wake up as you enter the room. The camera even automatically focuses on the person talking.

Devices Range

Cisco Webex Board

Webex Room Series

Webex DX Series

Webex Meetings

Screen Sharing . Video Calling . Meetings


Webex Meeting is an application which allows you and your team members to have clear, high quality audio and video meetings as well as screen sharing functions. It's simple and easy to use, allowing you to focus solely on the work at hand 


Meet Anywhere

Easily host or join meetings from anywhere, from any device for consistent high quality video calling.


Share your screen, or document to collaborate with your peers or to do a presentation. You can even record the meeting; for those that couldn't attend they can receive an email with an mp4 file of the recording.

Scalable Meetings

Webex Meetings is suited for any application as it scales very well. With calendar integrations, you can easily set up meetings for just a few users all the way up to 40,000 users.  

Simple & Intuitive

Everything you need is in one place. Webex Productivity Tools lets you quickly schedule, start and join meetings right from your toolbar. Webex Meetings also features a web client, meaning users can easily join in on a meeting through a web browser without having to download anything.