Professional Services

Looking to upgrade your phone system? We want to help

 Today, phone systems are much more than just about answering and making calls, it is now integrated with the concept of team collaboration, providing technology that allows for more efficient and effective ways of working together. One such technology is Cisco's Unified Communication and Collaboration suite which can do everything from implementing a simple phone system to providing the infrastructure required for a multi-million dollar call centre.

We configure and install a variety of business grade Cisco routers and switches, specialising in the Cisco Unified Communication and Collaboration suite and also handle all of the project management so the work required from you is minimal. Our goal is to provide a professional service with minimal disturbances, everything from the planning stage all they way through implementation, and we will even provide user and admin training on how to use your new phone system as well as initial ongoing support.

If you wish learn more about what the Unified Communication and Collaboration suite can do for you, please contact sales and get a personalised quote that best suit your needs. 

Project Management

We pay careful attention to all aspects of the project from the physical installation process to project management to training and support. 

User & Admin Training

We provide training for users and admins as well as initial support to make sure they know how to use their new Cisco phone system. 

Minimal Disturbances

We make sure that business operations can continue as normal whilst we carry out the project. Testing and cutover is performed during after-hours.

 Service Offerings 

Cisco CUCM & BE6K

Installation of Cisco Unified Communication Manager and Business Edition 6000.

Meraki Firewall & Wireless

Installation of Cisco Meraki firewall, security appliances and wireless access points.

Network Routing & Switching

Installation of enterprise network routers and switches to improve network performance.

Telstra Enterprise SIP Connect

Installation of  network equipment as well as provisoning of Telstra SIP Connect and Enterprise SIP Trunks.

 Cisco BE6K Unified Communication & Collaboration Deployment 

We configure and install a variety of  business grade Cisco routers and switches, specialising in the Cisco Unified Communication and Collaboration suite.

The Cisco Unified Communication and Collaboration suite is the leader in telepresence and IP telephony and can provide your business with all your communication needs.  

Convensys provides professional services to all our customers purchasing the Cisco BE6K system from us. We will configure, deploy and install your new IP telephony system and provide both onsite and remote support.