Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is a cloud-based network solution. It offers a series of products that allow you to create secure, scalable and easy-to-deploy networks that can be managed from anywhere with web access. 


Cloud Managed

All Cisco Meraki devices connect to the Meraki cloud and are managed via a web dashboard. This means that Meraki devices can be remotely managed  from anywhere that has Internet access.

Remote Troubleshooting

Through the web dashboard, Meraki devices can be remotely troubleshooted using a wide array of tools. It allows a technician to be able to perform tasks such as a reboot and packet capture. 

Easy to Deploy

Cisco Meraki devices can be deployed on site in a short amount of time with zero-touch provisioning. The configuration and installation process is designed to be simple and straightforward. 

Device Visibility

Client devices as well the Meraki device itself can be visible via the web dashboard. You can monitor  whether the device is online, the location as well as how clients are utilising bandwidth.

Featured Products

Security Appliances

Software-Defined Security.

  • 100% centralised cloud management for security.

  • Can be remotely deployed within minutes with zero-touch provisioning

  • Auto VPN technology allowing remote sites to easily and securely connect.

  •  Fault tolerant devices, from dual WAN and celluar uplinks to warn spare failovers.

Wireless Appliances

Built for Performance.

  • 100% centralised cloud managed for easy administration

  • Built for performance, featuring high power radios and enhanced receive sensitivity.

  • High power 2.4GHz and 5 GHz radios.

  • Most APs include dedicated security radio that can protect against security threats. 

  • Dashboard gives you spectrum insight into APs. 


Simple yet Powerful.

  • Enterprise level performance yet simple to use and manage

  • Easy configuration. Everything can be configured from a web browser.

  • Highly scalable and stackable via dedicated lightning-fast cabling and cross-stack link aggregation. 

  • Easy remote troubleshooting using a variety of tools such as packet captures.