Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express

Improve productivity and customer experiences

Easy to deploy, manage, and utilize, Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (Unified CCX) delivers a secure, available, virtual, and sophisticated customer interaction management solution for up to 400 IVR ports and agents. This integrated and omnichannel solution is intended for both formal and informal contact centers in small to medium sized businesses to enterprise branch deployments.



Best-in-class agent and supervisor desktops supported with API for customisation.

Supervisor Tools

Sophisticated supervisor tools including workforce optimization and reporting with live data.


Secure platform built on SELinux, is TLS 1.2 ready, and provides advanced threat protection with Cisco Security.

Choice of Channels

Choice of channels for customers: inbound voice, outbound voice, outbound IVR, and digital channels.

Customer Journey

Supports customer journeys using context service for better customer service and agent productivity.


Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express 11.6 - Features



Up to 400 agents per server 

IVR Ports

Up to 400 IVR ports per server

Small Deployment Model

Multisite Contact Centres

Support for virtual contact centers across multiple geographical sites when deployed with a single centralized or geographically distributed Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster.

Queuing and Self Service

Central with support for multiple UCCX environments connected to a single CUCM cluster, not to exceed capacity limits of CUCM cluster.

Available with as few as 10 agents

Agent Capabilities



Finesse IP Phone Agent 


Voice Browser

Supported fo ACD calls

Remote Agent

Using Cisco Unified IP Phone or Cisco IP Communicator through VPN over DSL or cable modem; Cisco AnyConnect V3 or using the Extend and Connect functionality Using Cisco Expressway.

Cisco Unified Mobile Agent


Cisco Virtual Office (CVO)

Supported for home agents with broadband access and a VPN.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Available from Nuance and other CDN certified partners (available option only with Premium)

CRM Support

With and Microsoft Dynamics using B&S Solutions Plus offer

CRM Integration

HTTP and REST API workflows with Cisco Finesse for third party web application integrations Integration with web services through REST APIs

IVR Integration

Standard and Enhanced packages that include prompt and collect IVR capability (programmable Auto Attendant) Premium package that includes advanced IVR for self-service application capabilities including database dips

Product Features

Skills-based Routing

Yes; also includes competency levels per skill

Expert Routing

Route to agent supported Queue to agent not supported

Dynamic Re-Skilling Interface

Cisco Mobile Skill Manager allows the supervisor to manage the skills associated with an agent.

Call in Queue


Blade Based Failover Within a Data Center


HCS Site Disaster Recovery Across Data Centre


Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Single Sign-On (SSO)

Support for Single Sign- On (SSO) for agents, supervisors, and administrators Supported with all SAML 2.0 compliant IdPs

Call-flow Design Templates

Cisco Mobile Skill Manager allows the supervisor to manage the skills associated with an agent.

SIIP Trunks

For inbound & preview outbound contact centre.


Pre-Defined Reporting

Yes. Historical & live data reports in Cisco Unified Intelligence Center.


Finesse Agents and Supervisors can access live data reports that are configured to be displayed as gadgets in the desktops.

Custom Reporting

With offbox CUIC: Custom report capabilities, or direct database access available for use with third-party reporting tools


Provide one-click access to reports and dashboards


Provides customizable canvas to get 360 degree of customer care. You can mashup reports & non contact center content like webpages, custom widgets, and sticky notes


Universal Queuing System


SocialMiner Seats 

Included with premium agent licenses



Outbound Capability

Available out of the box - CCX Premium


Outbound IVR and Agent Dialer (Progressive & Predictive)


Inbound Voice


Blended preview outbound dialer with simple campaign management, included at no additional cost with Premium. Predictive and Progressive outbound dialer for IVR and Agent (Finesse agent desktop), available as optional License with Premium. Automated import of outbound contacts


Complete integration to UCCX support blended agent capabilities and multichannel routing and queuing Desktop integration with Finesse Historical and Live data reporting via CUIC Interaction history available Agent initiated response templates

Web Chat

Provided as part of SocialMiner integration with UCCX

Optional Solutions Plus Multichannel Enhancements



Page Sharing


Tak Routing API


Application Sharing and Whiteboarding


Proactive Chat


Management Capabilities

Finesse Supervisor Desktop


Quality Management

Optional with Cisco Unified Workforce Optimization. Available in two variants – Call Recording and Advanced Quality Management.

24-hour Call Recordings


Quality Evaluation Tools

With quality management option

Secure, Authenticated, Domain-restricted Access


Synchronized Screen and Voice Recording

Available with advanced quality management only

Recording Capabilities

Up to 100% of customer interactions

Rapid Archival Search and Retrieval

Workforce Management

Optional with Cisco Unified Workforce Optimization Workforce Management

From anywhere

Administrative Interface

Browser-based administration supporting administration anywhere on the WAN; same design as and integrated with Cisco Unified Communications Manager administration

Hierarchical Security & Administration



Audit Tracking of Configuration Changes



Workflow based recording with Cisco Finesse using optional CR/AQM

Third-Party Recording Vendors

With Cisco Unified Communications Manager as standalone recording solutions

Third-party Recording Solution Integration


Silent Monitoring

UCM based silent monitoring with Cisco Finesse supervisor See UCCX Design Guide for specific details


Options and Process

Single box (single VM deployment with single installer) or two-server/VM high availability.

Server Machines

One or two VM/server depending on stand alone or high availability deployment. Additional servers for WFO and/or SocialMiner required if options are chosen.


Cisco Appliance model, VOS/Linux-based

Cisco Unified Presence integration for Enterprise Knowledge Worker Integration


Switch Integration

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (single cluster) and Business Edition 6000/7000

Hardware Platform Support

Virtualization on Cisco (UCS) B- and C-Series Specification based virtualized deployment with VMWare



Enhanced and Premium license packages Concurrent agents Named user licensing for WFO Optional add-on components Note: CCX Standard licenses are currently in the End of Life cycle.

Cisco Channel Partner Requirement

Cisco Advanced Unified Communication Specialization