Network Security

with Cisco Umbrella

Comprehensive first line of defence against threats on the Internet


Cisco Umbrella is a cloud-based security platform that secures your network against incoming and potential threats and allows you to closely monitor your network both onsite and when you're at home.


It acts as a first line of defence as it operates at the DNS level, meaning that malicious traffic is blocked before it even reaches your network. Because it is cloud-delivered, Umbrella uses live threat intelligence versus static feeds meaning it can potentially block attacks before they even start.


With Cisco Umbrella you get the protection you need to defend against malware infections and breaches across all ports and protocols for the most comprehensive coverage.


Intelligence to uncover current and emerging threats. 


Visibility for activity across all devices and ports, anywhere.


Stop phishing, malware, and ransomware earlier.

How does it work? 

Cisco Umbrella offers protection at the DNS layer by redirecting DNS requests to Umbrella's DNS servers instead of your ISP's. This means that Umbrella can offer tight control over what traffic is allowed to enter the network and what gets blocked long before it even reaches the network.

Since the DNS requests are done in the cloud, it means that Cisco Umbrella can offer protection to any device, anywhere where there is Internet connection, no matter if you're at work or at home. This also means that you have the ability to closely monitor traffic going in and out of your network where ever you are. 


Intelligent Proxy

Instead of proxying all web traffic, Umbrella routes requests to risky domains for deeper URL and file inspection. Effectively protect without delay or performance impact.

Command & Control Callback Blocking

Stop data exfiltration and execution of ransomware encryption. If a device becomes compromised, Umbrella can prevent connections to the attacker’s servers and prevent further damage. 

Offsite Monitoring

Cisco Umbrella runs in the cloud, this means that you can monitor network activity across all devices, over all ports and protocols no matter where you are. You can even retain the logs forever  

Threat Intelligence

Cisco Umbrella utilises machine learning in order to detect anomalies and malware. In addition, it can analyse Internet activity in order to preemptively stop attacks before they are launched. 

Protection Beyond the Network 

Utilise Umbrella’s light weight roaming client or built-in Cisco AnyConnect integration for comprehensive protection even when you are far away from the corporate network.

Easy to Deploy

Umbrella is the simplest security you’ll ever deploy. There is no hardware to install or software to manually update, just point your DNS to Cisco Umbrella and you're ready to go.


All packages on offer come with the following:

  • Block ransomware, malware, phishing, and C2 callbacks

  • Protect users anywhere they go, on and off the corporate network

  • Stop malicious domain requests and IP responses at the DNS-layer, over any port or protocol

  • Real-time, enterprise-wide activity search & scheduled reports

  • Enforce acceptable use policies using 80+ content categories

  • Create custom block/allow lists


In addition to the basic functions, the insight package includes the following: 

  • Block direct IP connections at the IP-layer

  • Identify targeted attacks by comparing local vs. global activity

  • Identify cloud, shadow IT, & IoT usage risks by reporting on 1800+ services

  • Enforcement & visibility per internal network or AD user/group

  • Proxy risky domains for URL and file inspection using AV engines and Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

  • Retain logs with Amazon Web Services integration using customer-managed or Cisco-managed S3 bucket


The platform package includes everything in the Insight package plus:

Enforcement API

  • Deploy pre-built integrations that work with 10+ security providers – including Splunk, FireEye, and Anomali

  • Leverage custom API to easily integrate with other systems including:

Security Appliances

  • Threat intelligence platforms or feeds

  • Custom, in-house tools

  • Investigate Console

  • Gain context about what Umbrella is blocking and why

  • See attacks as they form

  • Prioritize incident investigations


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