Are you ready for Wi-Fi 6?

Within the world of wireless digital devices, we are constantly finding ourselves in demand of faster speeds in order to sate our ever growing usage needs. Cisco predicts that the volume of mobile traffic is set to grow up to four times in the next four years. Thankfully, there is a new Wi-Fi standard coming, called Wi-FI 6. It's based on the IEEE 802.11ax standard and it promises to offer faster speeds and better performance than any of the previous Wi-Fi standards. For your information, here are the previous Wi-Fi standards that came before:

  • 802.11b: Wi-Fi 1

  • 802.11a: Wi-Fi 2

  • 802.11g: Wi-Fi 3

  • 802.11n: Wi-Fi 4

  • 802.11ac: Wi-Fi 5

  • 802.11ax: The new Wi-Fi 6

To be able to tell these Wi-Fi standards apart, so you can known what network you should be connecting to, each Wi-Fi standard has a new new interface icon. You should see the classic Wi-Fi signal icon with the standard number.

Image courtesy of the Wi-Fi Alliance

The Wi-Fi Alliance (the standards body that oversees Wi-Fi technology) lists these key benefits of Wi-Fi 6:

  • Higher data rates

  • Increased capacity

  • Performance in environments with many connected devices

  • Improved power efficiency

Extending upon these benefit claims, according to an article on Intel's IT Peer Network, Wi-Fi 6 is set to deliver up to 40 percent higher peak data rates for a single client device and in addition, improve average throughput per user by at least four times.

Image courtesy of Intel

In order to be able to use Wi-Fi 6 however, you do need to have a router that is capable of operating using the new standard. We've taken the liberty and found some options for you:

Introducing the new Meraki MR45 and MR 55 - Available Now!

New AP models at a glance:

  • New form factor

  • Backwards compatible to all existing 802.11 standards

  • Downstream OFDMA and MU-MIMO, plus Target WakeUp Time

Find out more about these devices here:



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